Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who is Sammons Trucking?

Want to learn more about Sammons Trucking?  Ask our Contractors!  That’s just what we did.  We asked them what they thought about Sammons, and what they liked about working with us. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Sammons works the same way I do.”
  • “I am in complete control of my truck and my loads.”
  • “It’s a big company with a small company atmosphere.”
  • “I’ve found the company I’ll work for until I retire”
  • “I like the honesty in the office; I get to be very independent. I like the open door policy.”
  • “The ability to run fewer miles for more money.”
  • “Operating in the areas that I enjoy.”
  • “The lease purchase program.”
  • “I like my independence.”
  • “No forced dispatch and a good work/life balance.”
  • ”I’m really glad that a Sammons Contractor turned me on to driving with Sammons. I wish I would have started nine years ago.”

At Sammons, we have a motto: “Operator Success Equals Sammons Success”.  We know that when our Contractors are profitable, busy and happy – we’re doing our job well.  At Sammons Trucking we have learned a lot in 50 years.
  • With Sammons, you can take a Sammons customer load, an agent load or any other load you find on your own (as long as we can get them credit).
  • We’ll pay you Friday for any loads delivered and submitted by Thursday at noon.
  • We know that Sammons Contractors are responsible professionals and don’t need EOBR’s.
  • We pay 100% of the fuel surcharge to the Contractors and pass thru the fuel discounts we receive.
  • Family comes first. And everyone at Sammons is family.
  • You didn’t become an Owner Operator to be paid like a company driver.
Percentage pay is the fairest pay for the Contractor.
  • At Sammons, you won’t find vans, tanks or reefers.  We are an open deck, over-the-road carrier and we do that well.
  • It isn’t better to be the biggest.
  • 100% Owner Operator is the best way.
  • The only way we want to lose a Contractor, is to retirement.
  • We don’t just say we are different from other companies… we live it.

Give us a call, look us up on the web, visit our Facebook page, or speak with one of our contractors, and ask them to tell you more about Sammons Trucking.

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