Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brian E. Alexander STC SAFE OP May 2011

Brian drives a 2002 Volvo and is a member of the Heavy Haul Fleet. Brian has been leased to Sammons off and on since March of 2002, and has been driving truck since 1991! Brian is a native of Minnesota and started with flatbed on his dad’s farm when he was 14. Brian pulled reefer for a year but decided flatbed was his preference. He pulled step deck and 2 to 7 axle RGN’s before joining Sammons Trucking. Brian has over 3,000,000 mile.

Brian served in the US Navy for six years stationed in Lemoore, CA Airstation. After being honorably discharged, Brian met his wife Angie while working at a plant in California. Brian and Angie have been together for 33 years and live in Utica, OH. They have 2 sons: Andrew 27, Brady 24 and Arron 25 and a 3 year old grand daughter Ellie who lives in Columbus. When Brian’s not trucking, he enjoys summer trips with the Goldwing Riders Association of which he has been a member for 30 years. He also enjoys working on cars and is currently restoring a 1967 442 Oldsmobile. One of Brian’s most heroic moments was assisting a church group that had turned their van over in an ice storm. Two of the children were ambulanced to the hospital while 8-9 sixteen to seventeen year olds stayed in his truck until church members came to the rescue.

Brian prefers hauling dozers, excavators, and construction equipment. He prefers running Southeast to Northwest and avoiding New York. If Brian were training a new driver, his top three safety tips would be 1. Keep distractions out of the truck (i.e. cell phones) 2. Get at least 8-10 hours of sleep 3. Drive defensively so you can anticipate the idiots. Brian likes being a professional operator because he likes being in charge of his own destiny, his off time is his own time, the no pressure of being an entrepreneur and your money depends on how hard you run. Thank you for being a valued member of the Sammons Trucking Team, Brian!

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