Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For those of you who attended the first monthly Safety Conference Call – thank you!  For those of you who were unable to attend, here are the highlights of the call.

Cold temperatures:

Make sure you are ready for the colder weather with the proper attire.  Winter clothing, weather proof boots, gloves and head gear, extra blankets or sleeping bags and extra food and water.

Before traveling to areas that may have hazardous conditions make sure your vehicle is ready:

Ensure heater & defroster is working properly.

Test all lights and carry spare bulbs.

Use antifreeze that is good to -25 below and check and fill washer with fluid that has deicer in it.  It is always good to have an extra gallon on hand.  

Keep wipers clean and in good condition.

Make sure your batteries are fully charged (check the age as it may be time to replace) and be sure cables are not loose or corroded.  

Ensure your tires are in good condition & properly inflated for best traction.

Carry chains.

Keep a first aid kit in your truck along with basic tools.

Driving in areas that may have ice or snow on the road:

Turn off your cruise control.

If you lose traction and your vehicle feels like it is floating, gradually slow down.  DO NOT SLAM ON YOUR BRAKES

Use caution when driving on bridges or concrete highways as these surfaces are the first to freeze.

Slow down in advance of shaded areas, especially on curves.

DON’T pass snowplows or sanders or follow them too closely.  

Be prepared for slow traffic.

Recap on stocking your vehicle

Flashlight (with spare batteries)

Cell phone & charger

Extra food & water

Flares & triangles

Tools – including a shovel


Extra blankets & sleeping bags

Warm clothing

First aid kit

Pocket knife


Battery jumper cables

Ice scraper & snow brush

Paper towels/extra towels

Extra washer fluid

Chains for truck & trailer

Know ahead of time where you are going and the expected temperature and adjust your fuel as needed.  Do not expect the fuel you bought in Arizona to work well when you are in minus 15 degree weather.

Consider adding a heat source to your truck.  There are several units available on the market today in the $2000-2500 range that will pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Visit for information on road and weather conditions.  

The second Wednesday of every month at 1:00 p.m. will be the Safety Conference calls and reminders will be sent ahead of time.

Stay safe!

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