Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beginning January 1, 2012 All Drayage Trucks Serving Non-Container Terminals Must Have A 2012 Non-Container Terminal Access Sticker

In order to service the Non-Container Terminals at both ports throughout 2012, Licensed Motor Carriers (LMCs) must do the following before December 31, 2011:

·         Have their drayage trucks registered in the Ports’ Drayage Truck Registry (PDTR),

·         Pay the annual truck registration fee in the PDTR ($100 per truck, per port), and

·         Bring their trucks to the Truck Access Center (TAC) to be inspected.  Sticker application must be witnessed by TAC staff at the time of issuance

Note: Drayage trucks already equipped with an RFID tag that service both Container and Non-Container Terminals will still need to obtain a 2012 Non-Container Terminal Sticker.  However, drayage trucks that have already paid the PDTR truck registration fee ($100 per truck, per port) for container terminal access will not be expected to pay an additional fee for the 2012 Non-Container Terminal Sticker.

Renewal of Annual Non-Container Terminal Access Sticker

The current 2011 Non-Container Terminal Access Sticker will expire on December 31, 2011.  To renew the annual Non-Container Terminal Access Sticker, please follow the steps below:

  • Pay the annual truck registration fee ($100 per truck, per port) in the PDTR, and
  • Bring the registered truck to the TAC to receive the 2012 Non-Container Terminal Access Sticker.

Register Your Trucks in the PTDR, eModal’s Trucker Check, and the State DTR

All port drayage trucks must be registered in the PDTR, eModal’s Trucker Check, and the State DTR to secure access to the marine terminals in both the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach.  Failure to register in all three will result in the truck being denied access to the ports’ marine terminals. 

For more information, including operating hours and directions to the TAC, please call the Clean Trucks Program Helpline at (866) 721 - 5686.

Location of the TAC

3593 New Dock Street (Pier S Avenue and New Dock Street, Terminal Island),

San Pedro, CA 90731.

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