Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Safety Goals for Sammons Trucking

 TOTAL CSA  Scores:   Drop Total points below 7500   19.7% decrease

Currently at  9,350   14.8% decrease

Last year at  10,982   34% decrease

Year before that at 16,845

We are getting less inspections as our numbers go down but the % of out of service violation is increasing.   On Maintenance  inspections 2009-886 insp  2010-702 (20%) and 2011-645 (8%)

By BASICS                                            2009       2010       2011                       2012 goals

Vehicle Maintenance                     82.1        77.3        79.3                        below 70%

Fatigued Driving                               59.3        64.6        64.0                        below 60%

Unsafe driving                                   81.5        56.4        58.6                        below 50%

Drug & alcohol                                   73.3        31.8        inc                          inc

Driver fitness                                     43.6        17.8        34.2                        below 20%

Accidents                                            51.5        9.5          937                         below 10%

How are we going to get to these goals.  It is going to take all of us working together.  Pretrip inspection can find many of the cargo and vehicle defects.    We will continue the 90 day inspections but on repeat violations or serious out of service inspection  there will be an additional inspection set up within the 30 day period after the bad inspection for the equipment with  biggest issues.

Log book violations are a important area we can improve.  Our top two violations are log books not current (88 violations and 700 points) and form and manner (51 violations and 162 points).   We also have had 27 over 14 hour violations in the past 24 months.    We can do way better than this and on repeat violators will be asked to consider electronic logs.     

Cell Phone use while driving needs to be eliminated unless your phone is completely hands free.  By regulation a hands free phone requires only 1 button to answer or call.  If you have to dial it is not hands free.

Winter Driving Tip:    At least double you’re following distances in winter driving especially while on ice or snow.   Bridges and shadows can be icy when the rest of the roadway is icy.  If you do not expect it your reaction time may not be enough to avoid a crash.   It is really important to allow extra time for your trips during the winter months as ice and snow can be a factor in almost every state.

California CARB

Trucks with engines from 1996 thru 1999 will have to register by January 31, 2011.  Less than 2 weeks.  Packets have been sent to everyone we think has an engine of this age.    Any questions get with Phil

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  1. Thanks Phil and our Contractors for our continued success in to 2012 - Safely. Tim