Friday, December 28, 2012

Off to a good start by Tim Burke

All, we are hearing good things to begin the year from                     most of our Shipper Clients…  On a recent trip out,                            numerous shippers we met with are looking for continued                 recovery, while slower than anticipated, but, it’s better than bouncing along the bottom... We have upcoming meetings with Deere, CAT and a few others to expand our services with them.  All in all, it looks a bit brighter on the horizon…  Good for all.


Safety still remains our focus on the forefront.  Many good suggestions from last week’s survey for the Safety group to consider regarding, “Form and Manner” and Updated violations.  All, please should any of our Contractor Clients need answers to prevent undesired results from an inspection, call.  Sammons Safety Department is here to make sure we operate as safe as we can for the general motoring public. 


Lastly, I was honored to meet this year’s Highway Angel while in Boise last week.  Kenny Cross from FedEx won the honor.  While he felt it was just part of his normal duty, it was truly an “above and beyond”  experience when read…  I must admit too, how proud all of us are when we hear the circumstances of saving lives while out on the road.        Numerous of our contractors were nominated this year for the acts of kindness shown while out on the road.  Well done all.  Damn proud to associated with the most professional Independent Contractor trucking firm in the US.


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