Wednesday, January 16, 2013

California truck age regulations

Since we are getting more and more people calling in regards to California and the regulations, attached is the schedule in regards to who has to register their older trucks.  It may be helpful for you to keep a copy of this in case a Contractor asks you about going into California.   


Engine year 1995 and older - no registration required at this time


Engine year 1996-2004 - must register their trucks in order to go into California.  For those to fail to report (register) the operator can be fined $1000 per day for every day they are in California. - once registered good through 12/31/2013.  **registration must be completed by January 31st** 


Engine year 2005-2006 - currently do not have to register and are good through 12/31/2013


The direct web address for contractors to register/report is:


As we get new updates from California, Phil and I will let you know.


Have a good day,

Teresa & Phil

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