Friday, March 1, 2013

California Air Resource Board (CARB)

     How will the Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation be enforced?

      The Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation will be enforced in several                   ways. There will be field inspectors doing enforcement at CHP weigh                       stations and other random roadside locations, distribution centers, fleet                      facilities, truck stops and locations where trucks are present. In addition,                fleets will be randomly requested to provide documentation that their fleet is in      compliance with the regulation and complaints will be investigated to ensure          compliance.

When will you begin enforcing the Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation? Can I get a ticket today?

     Enforcement is currently being done on all applicable Model Year tractors and trailers, and will start this summer on all other applicable vehicles. You can be cited currently, as the regulation has been in effect since January 1, 2010, but full compliance may  be phased-in over a period of several years.

How much is the fine?

     Penalties can be up to $1,000 per violation per day, though mitigating circumstances may reduce the total penalties.

How will ARB enforce the regulation?

     As noted above, enforcement will be done at various locations around California and desk audits will be done based on things like complaints received and through audits by ARB of various fleets chosen randomly. Random fleets will be requested by ARB  to submit their documentation to be verified by ARB staff to assure that the fleet is in compliance based on the option that the fleet has chosen to use. Most options will   require that the fleet be entered into the Truck Regulation Upload, Compliance, and Reporting System (TRUCRS), on the Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation    reporting website.

What do I do now if my tractor and/or trailer is out of compliance?

    You should make every effort to come into compliance with the regulation as quickly  as possible. If you already have been cited for a violation of the regulation, the     sooner you act the lower the penalties you will face. You cannot legally operate a    vehicle in the state of California that is subject to, but out of compliance with, a       regulation. The more you operate a vehicle in the State that does not comply with a regulation, the greater the risk of being cited for a violation of the regulation. It is the choice of the vehicle owner whether to continue to operate a non-compliant              vehicle in the State.


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