Tuesday, March 5, 2013

UTi Distribution Alignment


I’m pleased to continue to inform all on the continued efforts to make Sammons more visible in the UTi world:

1.       Ops people from Missoula and Davenport met last week in the Long Beach Corporate office with five of our agents to discuss how we can grow deeper in our relationships with our clients and afford them the “wares” that UTi in total can offer them.   This meeting was a great success and a solid start on being able to expand the sales toward international business.  Once the details are finalized, this information will be disseminated to all so we can cease any and all opportunities the client may have.

2.       Cross selling.  It continues to happen as we all get better educated to the various tools available.  We’ve seen trucking opportunities from cable business out of the Carolinas to conveyor business from Ohio.  As well as a $500,000 award of business from a mining manufacturing company that the sales was initiated by UTi.  Remember, CAT awarded us only $350k last year on a single lane and it grew to a total amount of over $750k.  Operations excellence provided by our team of Contractors and employees.  Well done!

3.       Additional sales.  We’ve add Mike Shea earlier this year.  Mike represents the four arms in the UTi Distribution group.  UTi Transport Solutions, UTi Transportation Management, Market Transport and Sammons.  Mike came to UTi from Landstar and has hit the ground running.  We anticipate addition of solid agents with good business.  Mike is a “relationship” seller.  This affords a true and honest approach to adding the good ones out there.  That is what has been the backbone of Sammons.

As you can see, the take away from this writing is that we are UTi.  We continue to generate solid returns for the corporate office and our stockholders.  This is what is necessary to continue to grow in the world today.  Please continue to embrace the UTi world as management here has. 

Thank you for your continued efforts in the safety compliance area.  Market driven is where we are headed.  With a little help from the economic side, this will be an excellent year. 



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