Friday, May 10, 2013

New Hours of Service

             July 1st is when the latest changes in Hours of Service will become effective (unless overruled by court).

This will impact everyone who is required to use log books in America.  The changes are as follows:

Restarts can only be used once a week (168 hours between the beginning of each restart will now be required).

Restarts must include two 1am to 5am time periods.  Examples:  if you start your restart at 7pm you will have a legal 34 hour restart at 5 am.  On the other extreme, if you start your off duty at 2 am you will have to do 51 hours before you can truck again.  Depending on when you begin your restart will seriously impact just how many hours you will have to sit to complete a restart.

You cannot be driving after 8 hours of continuous on duty or driving without a 30 minute break.  Breaks certainly can be taken any time before 8 hours.  For breaks to count they must be at least 30 minutes long.

  If the courts change these we will be sending the word out.  However, it is smart to understand these changes and get ready to comply on July 1, 2013.


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