Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good bye from Monica

             Since I decided to retire toward the end of October, I’ve being successful in selling my truck and trailer.  I would like to thank all the people at Sammons and all the agents all over the United States that made my small corner of the trucking world a success over the last  20 years. I can't   believe that all those years have gone by but now it's time for me to do other things.......I have      enjoyed my relationship with Sammons and was so thankful for such a great company that always allowed me to finish what I needed to do at home and then cheerfully tell me "Give me a call a    couple days before you intend to go out". That was so great! My situation was a little different from most, so thank you again......
  My longtime relationship with quite a few agents and the dispatch in the office----thank you for all those calls and working in the background when parked somewhere waiting......you’re the best! Of course, OD dept. too and logs and settlements, safety and I know I'm missing some,.........everyone, thank you.
  On my end, thanks to my husband for keeping that truck in perfect condition no matter what and was never on the hook even once, lol . She's as good as any out there still and is 29 years old! My hobbies of brewing beer and playing pool along with sailing, should keep my busy........So long everyone and thanks again.

 Monica # 1801.

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