Friday, December 2, 2011

PHil C's interview with Five Star fleets

wner-operator Phil Clark came to Sammons

a year and a half ago when he heard

about an RGN opportunity. He admits he

didn’t know much about Sammons and,

based on 11 years leased-on to other companies,

he didn’t expect much, either.

“What stands out most is they’re
one of

the most honest companies
I ever worked

for,” Clark said. “They never hesitate to

show you a rate. They really treat you like

you’re part of the company
and not just

somebody delivering their freight.”

He’s doing better than ever with Sammons

because they give him “
free reign to

allow me to run my business
” — meaning

he’s able to find his own freight if the

Sammons board

doesn’t have a

load to his liking.

But what

really seems to

impress other

drivers around

the truck stop

is how CSA is

treated at Sammons,



“They have taken the attitude that if

you work hard, you’re going to be exposed

to more inspections and you’re going

to have issues,” he said. “But Sammons

doesn’t make it the end of the world.”

Instead, the safety department sits down

with drivers and goes over the inspection


“If you don’t have a habit of violations

— that’s what CSA is about, in my

opinion — then they let you work,” Clark

said. “
They understand our challenges

out here

He too emphasizes the motto: Contractor

success = Sammons Success.

“They stand behind that 100 percent,”

he said. “They do their best to try to accommodate

what we need done — and that’s refreshing.”

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