Friday, December 2, 2011

Tony's interview with Five star fleets

ease-to-own contractor Tony Filla is

quick to talk about the sign in the drivers’

lounge at Sammons Trucking headquarters:

Contractor success = Sammons


“This isn’t some catchy phrase to

make the contractors get a warm fuzzy

feeling inside,” Filla said. “I found this

core value is what drives Sammons

to be exceptional and what keeps me


In 13 years as a trucker, “one thing

that I have not seen a lot of is honesty

and integrity – and that’s one thing

that Sammons has,” he said. “They’re

a very good, solid business partner

that stands behind you in every way.

I wouldn’t go

anywhere else.”

And what

exactly is integrity?

“They give


,” is the

simple version.

“They don’t

beat around the


And as another

example, Filla recounts an incident

in which his truck was hit and disabled.

Sammons immediately retrieved the damaged

truck and provided a loaner at no


the little things they do that

keep us around,” he said. “It’s their whole

attitude toward their contractors. You’ve

got to work with them to see it.”

On the lease-purchase program, Filla

says he’s taking home about what a company

driver would — until the truck is

paid off.

“What I tell potential lease-purchase

drivers is to look at the big picture —

don’t look at the small picture,” he said.

“At the end of the lease you’re going

to have the title in your hand and that’s

when you’re going make the money.

That’s when
you’re going to realize your


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