Friday, February 24, 2012

Hours of Service Final Rule of December 2011.

This final rule has an effective date of February 27th, 2012 with the major provisions of changing the 34 hour restart and the required rest break within 8 hours, not going into effect until July 1, 2013. 

 Things that do take effect on February 27th are some changes in “on duty” time.  “On duty” time with the new changes does not include time resting in a parked vehicle, even if you are not in the sleeper.  (It’s OK to rest and be off duty just sitting in the seat of a parked vehicle.)  

Oilfield “waiting time” has changed too.  It must be shown as off duty and must also be identified as “waiting time” in the remarks section of the log.   

Finally, there is now a specific “Egregious” penalty definition.  Driving 3 or more hours beyond the driving time limit is an “egregious” violation.   This applies to the 11-hour, the 14-hour and the 70-hour limits.   The penalty for an egregious violation is up to $2,750 per violation.

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