Friday, May 4, 2012

Entering in to May, we find much happening.

Business is brisk and rates remain on the upswing. Trying to improve upon

the last few months of last year is a challenge. Adding to Lease Purchase and

remaining strong in our position to raise or hold rates. Quality candidates

are still out there for our LP program, just as quality seasoned Contractors

are seeing their way to Sammons. Our plan, as it has been, is to add quality

where we can without our diluting the base we have with too much equipment.

Safety – please keep this first and foremost. Schools will be out soon and

summer travel will start. Congested highways will be the norm. As usual,

please plan your trips as they go.

“Best Fleets To Drive For” has sent us the comments associated with us being

one of the top 20 to driver for in 2012. Please take the time to read Teresa’s

article. We all agree that while we are good at what we do, there is room for

improvement. Her article sheds light on our awards available to our contractors

at Sammons.

“Cross selling” amongst the UTi companies is showing dividends. Davenport

is moving tanks for the global government group and we are finalizing a

Humvee bid for Baltimore, all while we are offering our excess to other divisions

in the family. Remember, we book business to satisfy our clients’

needs and move our contractors, just not to book freight for broker sake.

Another Harley showed up in the reception area, please keep the referrals

coming. Nothing better than $2,000.00 and a chance to win the bike in January.

As it goes, we have the most professional Independent Contractor group in this business.

Keeping safety and success in the lead is our goal to our Contractors.

Operator Success = Sammons Success.

Please continue to be safe out there.

Thank you


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