Friday, May 4, 2012

Road check and Truck Safety

It is not too early to get ready for the annual

72-hour CVSA Operation Roadcheck on June 5-7,

2012. This 72-hour inspection blitz provides a

snapshot of the trucking and motor coach industries.

When compared to prior years it shows the

areas of weakness as well as the areas improved

from prior years. Last year there were 70,712 inspections

done during the 72-hours. Log book violations

were by far the largest out of service issue

for drivers at 52.5% of all driver OOS violations.

On the positive side only 4.2% of drivers

inspected were put out of service. Last year 19.3%

of all trucks were placed out of service during this


Preparing for this 72-hour blitz should not

be an annual event. It should be an ongoing process

that is reviewed every day in multiple inspections

looking for potential defects. Be safe and in

compliance 100% of the time!!

Thank you,


  1. Truly, safety should be practiced not only during operational road checks, but every day. Maintaining truck and logistics safety is a daily task that must be understood clearly because the result of doing otherwise may turn out to be catastrophic. 100% compliance is a must in the industry, and I personally believe that, if we can lead in practicing safety, others will follow suit. :)

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