Monday, July 2, 2012

Montana Truck Driving Championship!

This year Sammons had two operators competing in the state competition.  We are excited to announce that Scott Cullen took 1st place in the 5 axle sleeper berth division and Chris Warner took 4th.  Sammons is very proud of both drivers as they represented our company very well.   Also representing Sammons as judges and volunteers were:  Tim Burke, Don Green, Phil Hinshaw, Karla Cullen,  Suzye Poteet, Roxy Bassette, Mark Stefano, Carle Stefano, Sariah Skelton, and Dona Hinshaw.    Thanks to them for representing Sammons Trucking and helping to make the competition a success.   Thanks also for their moral and vocal support for our two “champions”.  Scott is now signed up to compete in the National Truck Driving Championships, held this year in Minneapolis, MN in August.  He will be competing with all the 1st place winners (in the 5 axle sleeper berth division) from all 50 states.   We wish Scott good luck and know that he will represent Sammons Trucking well!

Chris, Tim and Scott

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