Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Message from recruiting

I always write about where we stand in recruiting and ask for your help. I want to thank all of you who speak so well of us to others.

I am asked all the time about health insurance. I look at a lot of packages that are sent to us with the hope that we will endorse them and pass them on to the contractors. We have yet to find one that Sammons would endorse. Costco is getting into health insurance and Blue Cross, Aetna, and United Health would be the companies that I would suggest; but they are not cheap and as we have all learned in life, you get what you pay for.

We have subscribed to Highway Health, a monthly 30-page digest with articles that address health concerns of professional drivers. You can get your copy in Fontana or Davenport, as well as here in Missoula. Also, we can include it with your settlement monthly. Just ask. We are working on being able to offer a digital copy that you could access from your computer.

            I have been asked about other optional pay packages,  and the one that is most commonly asked about is a flat 80% of everything, (i.e., 80% of line haul, fuel surcharge, stops tarps, loading, etc.). Teresa and I ran the numbers. In very few cases there would be a small advantage to a contractor, but in most cases the contractor would lose out. We won’t offer something that would not be in the contractors’ best interest.

Just because our department is called recruiting does not mean that our concern for you stops after you come on. If there is ever anything that we can help with please feel free to ask.

Please be safe while you are out there.

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