Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Healthy Lifestyle Tim Burke

Have A Healthy Summer!

All, as we publish the Scramble this summer, it’s good to know that our business has remained steadily “healthy” regarding client business and opportunities.  Thank you all for the efforts.

One of the greatest attributes to our success is getting healthy and remaining on a program or path to stay that way.  As we’ve seen through the “Great Recession”, it took getting, maintaining and growing healthy to say “we’re here to stay” today.

Sammons and UTi value our contractors and employees too in the same way to become and retain healthy lifestyles.  Sammons has joined with the TCA in subscribing to and distributing to each of you Highway Health magazine– information to help keep your lifestyles in front of you, and bring topics monthly that are important to all of us in the trucking industry.  Please take the time to pick up one of these at Davenport, Fontana or Missoula.  We are arranging an electronic way to get these delivered to save all of us costs. 

Our greatest resource on our road to continued success is our contractors.  As our walls here in Missoula state, “Operator Success = Sammons Success”.   Remaining healthy to both in the office and on the road is critical to all of ours success.  I’m committed to see that we offer safe and healthy lifestyles for all associated with Sammons.  I’d appreciate it too if you’d keep the same thoughts.  We want you “here to stay”!

Thanks for your safe efforts today and in the future. 

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