Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Road Check

Summer Driving Challenges!!

Road Construction and increased traffic, mostly vacation/recreation vehicles, add to the challenges of summer driving. 

Road Construction:

Slow down and give the project your full attention

Allow extra spacing between you and the next vehicle;  anticipate sudden stops.

Be aware of the posted speed limits.   Tickets are double the $s in most construction zones.  Speed violations in construction zones carry a full 10 points (time 3=30 points) in UNSAFE DRIVING.   It just doesn’t pay.

Be patient!!   Allowing extra time in your scheduling will prevent frustrations if you are delayed.

Tourist and recreation traffic — What to look for:  

Vehicles with out of state license plates

Vehicles changing direction without warning

Vehicles driving slowly/frequent braking

Vehicles towing boats, campers, trailers etc.

Over packed vehicles with lots of stuff packed into and onto their autos

Another summer occurrence is the increased number of motorcycles.  Take extra care when changing lanes  to be certain there is not a motor cycle at risk close by.   Really expect the unexpected and drive defensively.    Remember you are a professional.   That means that you have to watch out for the unprepared  (and possibly inexperienced) driver out for fun who is not paying attention to what is going on around them.

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