Friday, September 7, 2012

Lease Purchase Success Story

Lowell Wricks joined the Sammons team January 10, 2012 through our Lease Purchase Program.  In just eight short months Lowell is already 50% paid down on his 2008 Kenworth, proving Sammons’ lease purchase program is really one of the best. 

Since Lowell has been so successful we asked him to share his secrets on what makes the program work so well for him. 

Attitude and dedication

Communication – work with others

Pre-plan yourself when possible

Watch your rates and try to keep them up

Keep up on the maintenance and do your pre trip inspections

Don’t make home time your priority

Everything is supplied by Sammons (truck/equipment) in order for you to excel in the program

Congratulations Lowell for doing so well in the program and taking the time to share your secrets of success with others. 


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  1. Credit Grade 48 month  36 month  24 month  12 month
    “A+” Credit  .0279 .0376 .0543 .1004
    “A” Credit   .0288 .0389 .0554 .1019
    “B” Credit   .0288 .0389 .0554 .1019
    “C” Credit   .0315 .0465 .0659 .1294
    “D” Credit – up to $3,000 funding  .0441 .0551 .0802 .1638
    “E” Credit – up to $3,000 funding  .0441 .0551 .0802 .1638

    • No application fee
    • One payment upfront (last)
    • Fax lease application, no originals need to be returned
    • Dedicated account manager
    • On line lease scoring