Friday, September 7, 2012

Road Check

CSA continues to influence the trucking world and that includes Sammons Trucking and its operators.  Currently Sammons is continuing to have 3 primary issues at road side inspections.   Speed is the number one violation in the Unsafe Driving Basic.  Logs not current & form and manner compose 48% of our Fatigue Driving Basic.  In the Vehicle Maintenance Basic lights are our primary issue.   To help focus on these areas we have put together a safety contract to be agreed to by all contractors and Sammons Trucking.  We as a whole need to become better, and we can by paying attention to details.   It will take all of us working as a team to become the professionals we know we are.  The safety contract will be distributed in September.  Please read, sign and return a copy to Safety.



Question 1)  Are you driving?  If yes:

Question 2) Are you on a hands free phone?

Regulation requires that commercial vehicle drivers do not text or use cell phones while driving. (unless the cell phone is hands free).   Potential fine to drivers if caught is $2,700 for the first violation and loss of CDL the second time.  Potential fine for carrier for allowing use of cell phones (unless they are hands free) is $11,000.  Be safe and protect yourself and others.


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