Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Questions I get asked and their answers.

I wanted to answer some of the questions that I get asked every once and a while.


1.      Why do you keep making the fleet larger?

January 1st we were a company of 299 contractors today we are 310 contractors.

We will grow the fleet as freight dictates.  That’s a little less than 1%.


2.      Why did you roll back the referral and sign on bonuses?

As we go into the Holidays, and a historically slower time of the year, we need to keep the existing contractors busy.  When the spring comes we can look at growing again.


3.      Why do you keep adding L/P trucks not just Owner Operators?

The number of O/O out there since the recession has dropped greatly. To grow a fleet of contractors the best way we know is to offer an avenue to ownership. We are also very proud of our program and all the success stories.


Our first concern is always for our existing contractors and keeping Sammons strong so we can be here for you. Be safe going into the Holidays and remember there are a lot of people on the highways this time of year that just don’t drive on them very often.

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