Monday, November 5, 2012

Unsafe Driving basic and Sammons Trucking

Let’s talk about the “Unsafe Driving Basic” and how it relates to Sammons Trucking and our operators.

Sammons has received 103 unsafe driving violations over the past 24 months.   This is almost 4.5 violations per month and equals 884 total points. We can do better, especially since most of these points relate to speeding.  Examples of Unsafe Driving violations are speeding, following too close, failure to obey a traffic control device or not using a seatbelt while moving.  Each monthly, each carrier within a group of carriers that have similar numbers of truck count is compared and given a percentile ranking.  Any carrier over 65% is considered to have an “Alert” status in this BASIC.   Sammons trucking has a 67.5%.   WHY?  Within the past 24 months we have had 24 speeding (6-10 over),  7 speeding (over 15), 18 failure to obey a traffic control device, 7 seat belt violations, and 4 speeding in a construction zone.  Also there have been 5 each of speeding (11-14 mph) and improper lane changes.  We can do better.  Each operator is either part of the solution or part of the problem.  Setting your speed at several miles per hour below the speed limit and driving defensively will eliminate the risk of being hit with Unsafe Driving Points.  Remember, points will not only affect Sammons and become a part of your driving PSP record for 3 years.



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