Monday, November 5, 2012

Winter reminders

During the Holiday season your family is depending on you to get home safe.  We at Sammons are also concerned with all of our operators’ safety.  Our wish is for everyone to have a successful and happy Holiday season.  This includes the hope that each of you will be safe and secure throughout the winter.

With winter comes challenges. Bad weather, long dark nights and holidays with all of their scheduling and traffic to contend with.  A lot of the issues affecting long haul trucking can be minimized with detailed planning for the most likely potential problems.  Of course the basics of leaving early, checking ahead for road conditions, and defensively giving yourself extra space while driving.  Certainly winterizing your equipment and gear to keep warm and dry is very important.  All these things are necessary in keeping you safe throughout this winter’s challenges. 

Common sense is often taken for granted. However it usually lets you know the first sign of a potential problem that needs your attention. “Do not overrule or ignore your common sense”.   If something does not seem right, find out what is wrong.  If a schedule is unrealistic, it is important to deal with it early and not put yourself or your load at risk.  Careful planning, defensive driving and common sense will get you through this winter safely.


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