Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting Top MPGs in the Winter

As we are all aware, winter is getting closer and closer each day, if it has not already found you. You can never be too ready for it. Here are some of the top tips for fleets and drivers to manage the changes that winter will bring.

Maintenance – Ensure your vehicles are up to date on their preventative maintenance. Oil changes, fluid checks, brake checks, tire checks and ensuring your batteries are supplying the proper amount of power in the cold. Performing the maintenance ahead of time will ensure your vehicles stay operational on the road.

Fuel – Diesel tends to gel when it gets really cold. Take the time to treat your fuel with an anti-gel additive, and/or minimize the water vapor that collects at the bottom of the fuel tank by keeping your tanks at least half full.

Plan and be Prepared – Plan your trips and stops ahead of time. Stay informed about what the weather might do on your trip. Also ensure you have supplies with you in case of an unexpected situation.

Increased Idling Possibility – On cold winter days and nights you have the potential to see an increase in idle to provide heating or to ensure the truck won’t go into a state where it will not start. This is something to be aware of if you are not using an alternative power unit as a source to provide heat, or other alternative methods to keep the engine and fuel warm.

Tire Pressure – Extreme temperature changes can cause drastic tire pressure fluctuation. Remember to check your tire pressure several times a month. Improperly inflated tires can reduce critical gripping action when you need it the most.

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