Monday, November 4, 2013

Sammons update for fall 2013


Since we don’t print the Scramble every month, I thought in my article I would cover several topics:

             On September 26th we officially expanded the Contractor Services Division in Missoula and have a Contractor support person assigned to every operator at Sammons.  Before there used to be a separation between the Lease Purchase Operators and Owner Operators but with the new division up and running all operators have been combined and divided up amongst the group.  To date, I am pleased to say we have received some very positive feedback in regards to this department and hope it will assist with retention, on time pick up and deliveries percentages, less down time between loads and hopefully more home time for those of you who would like more than you are currently getting.

  Sammons was nominated for Best Fleets to Drive For 2014 and currently we are in the      process of completing the carrier profile/questionnaire. The next step is where you, the Operators,   participate in the survey.  Within the next few weeks you should receive an email from me giving you the information to log in and complete the survey and give your feedback on Sammons.  Some of you will remember that last year Sammons came in right behind Landstar who took home the #1 spot for Owner Operators Best Fleet 2013.

  With winter fast approaching (and in some areas already upon us) please remember to put your tire chains on the truck, have your winter survival kit in your truck, plenty of warm clothes, (including coats and boots) blankets, keep your fuel tanks topped off and have plenty of water and food on hand.  Also, for those of you, who take your pets with you; please make sure you take the same precautions for them just as you do for yourself.

  Until the next time, please stay safe and thanks to all of you for what you do every day! 




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