Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tip of the day 10-10-2012

Hello all,


Happy October!  This month we are going to kick off a new thing called “The Tip of the Day”.  This tip can be safety related, general trucking info or anything any of you would like to share with our Operator Population.  So, if you would like to pass along a good tip, please let me know and we’ll be happy to share it.


With that said, I guess I’ll start the first tip of the day.


With winter fast approaching, please be sure you are prepared:


Get your warm blankets, boots, gloves, hat and clothing in your truck.

Pack extra water and food supplies in case you get stuck somewhere.

If you haven’t already done so, get your tire chains out and on your truck.

Be sure you have plenty of fuel in your tanks.

Slow down, leave plenty of space between you and other vehicles (especially the snow plows).

Turn on your lights.

Pack a winter travel safety kit to include an ice scraper and brush, a tow rope, a good flashlight (with extra batteries), a candle, matches, a portable weather radio and a can of lock de-icer.

And for all of you who’s co-driver is a pet, remember to pack the necessities for them too.


Have a safe day,


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